High Speed Mixer With Cooler

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High Speed Mixer With Cooler

Product Description

SRL-Z series mixed unit is applicable for mixture, coloring and drying of various resin such as polyethylene,
Polypropylene, polyvinyl, chloride etc. And in the process of drying and volatilization of engineering plastic such as
ABS, polycarbonate etc. Before forming and processing as well as in the mixture of phenolic resin.
This unit combines heat mix and cool mix together the materials after heat mix can get into cool mix for
Cooling automatically, exhausts remaining gasses avoids agglomerates.
1. Plastic used for a variety of ingredients, mixing, drying, coloring, CaCO3 activating and other technology.
Production profile, ideal for tube equipment.
2. Spindle seal by national patent.
3. Mixed with hot Since the friction or electric heating and steam heating.
4. Lid sealed dual Road. Also the use of cold mix arched lid, not easy to deformation.
5. Has a compact structure, beautiful appearance and so on.
6. Blades through static and dynamic balance test
Model Capacity  Power Paddle speed Heating Cooling method Mixing time
SRL-Z100/200 100/200 14/22/7.5 650/1300/180 ElectricFriction 8& 10
/water cooling 
SRL-Z200/500 200/500 30/42/11 475/950/130 ElectricFriction 8& 10
/water cooling
SRL-Z300-600 300/600 40/55/11 475/950/130 ElectricFriction 8& 10
/water cooling
SRL-Z500-1000 500/1000 55/75/18.5 430/860/60 ElectricFriction 8& 10
/water cooling
SRL-Z800/1600 800/1600 83/110/22.5 370/740/50 ElectricFriction 8& 10
/water cooling
SRL-Z800/2500 800/2500 83/110/30 430/860/70 ElectricFriction 8& 12
/water cooling

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